Company History
Established in 1996
Konsar Future Nutrition specializes in, raw materials, formulations, manufacturing and packaging of powders, capsules and tablets delivering the finished product on time.
We innovate in nutritional formulas for specific metabolic needs.
Konsar Future Nutrition, is a wholly owned Canadian company with its company headquarters located in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada. Future Nutrition dominant brands are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Konsar Future Nutrition is proudly cGMP certified and is licensed by Health Canada for Natural Health Products
 (Site License #300205) authorized for manufacturing.

Olympian, Researcher, Entrepreneur
Inspirational that is the story of Konstantinos Sarris. Prior to arriving to Canada from the island of Crete in 1987 Konstantinos, was a Greek junior weightlifting record holder. For eight years he resided in the Olympic village an environment that provided daily lessons, developmental preparation, hands on experience with European Olympic athletes, educators, trainers, mentors and coaches.
He arrived in Canada with dreams of furthering his education and pursuing a coaching career. He first decided to take a graduate degree in sports administration but it didn’t take long after coming here before Konstantinos decided to stay. He completed his degree and worked tirelessly with friends to launch Canada’s first magazine Dynamic Sports on Olympic weightlifting.
In 1996 he also added what would become his greatest challenge, the start of a Nutrition based company whose focus would be competitive weightlifters and body builders. Konstantinos knew from the onset that he had to provide the finest products and this meant he had to control all aspects from choosing the raw materials to formulations, to manufacturing and to finished product.

This year Future Nutrition Inc., is celebrating its 20th year. Our accomplishments are many in the field of nutrition products. Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), licensed by Health Canada for Natural Health Products and the necessary and required range of Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing prior to release. Our brands MVP Biotech, PHPedge, HumaBolic Science, Elle Factor, and Future Nutrition are sold in more than 50 countries.

Mission Statement
At Konsar Future Nutrition we are committed to building impactful relationships with our customers that benefit health and lives. We are and always will be specialized and innovative in Future Nutrition brands and will always apply the highest quality assurance and quality control standards at every step of performance and productivity. Our passion and our commitment is our guide to the wellness of our customers and what we strive to achieve every day.

About Us
We specialize in Natural Health Products of dry dosage form: powders, capsules, tablets as cores or with coating.
We have created effective procedures consisting of required, appropriate full weight specifications as well as packaging options.
Raw Materials
Our raw materials are purchased worldwide with the assurance that they conform to the highest Canadian standards and required specifications.
Manufacturing, Packaging Powders, Capsules, Tablets
We are innovative in our approach and adapt the highest quality processes for each step in manufacturing and packaging and this based on Product Development.
High-speed packaging line 
assures proper blending, filling, capping with induction sealers, labeling and shrink wrapping to ensure quality, safety and proper shelf life.
A separate powder 
filling line is used to fill a wide range of bottle sizes to accommodate our client’s requirements. We also configure and
 design our pallets to meet our client’s specifications.

Delivering the Finished Product
All our products are supported by QA and QC compulsory testing prior to their release. An organized warehouse
 guarantees efficient storage.

Innovative Nutrition Brands:
MVPBiotech MVPLifestyle MVPLaboratories MVPNutrition php
Athltx Elle Future Huma